Sikh Heritage Multimedia Museum, New Delhi, India

How Sikh Heritage Multimedia Museum is promoted in National & International markets using Game App, Digital Video, Website, SEO, Photography & Digital Marketing etc.

Below step by step I have mentioned that how I have promoted this important place also in National & International markets. This museum is located at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi, India.

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I personally took 150+ photographs of this museum & then selected 50+ photographs to include & then edited them using original & licensed software but I also take the use of Open Source too as per requirements.

Digital Video:

I have developed its Digital Video using original & licensed software. I have also purchased licensed copy of Camtasia 9.

To watch, please visit:

Digital Music

I have also created digital music for this video using original & licensed DAW. I have purchased Bitwig Studio & Stagelight softwares. I also have professional MIDI player LX 61+ but I can also take the use of royalty free as per requirements (No need to reinvent the wheel).


I have also created photo gallery & its personal web page at using CMS, Web technologies & Open Source etc.

Game App

I have also included Sikh Heritage Museum in my developed following one more useful & valuable Tourism Game App:


I have also developed them SEO friendly & technically SEO optimized means if someone searches on Google, Sikh Heritage Museum New Delhi, then my developed following landing page is listing in top pages.

Same way, if someone searches on YouTube, Sikh Heritage Museum New Delhi, then my developed following video is listing in top results:

Like this also, my created & developed various few more qualitative, comprehensive, creative & productive contents are listing in top results at Google, Bing, YouTube & Play Store etc. even with very common keywords & in quick time, even if...

Digital Marketing

I have also invested my some more money, technical skills & important time for its more promotion using Digital Marketing.

Like this also I have promoted various places of India too in National & International markets without any greed or fear or anything else, even if...